About Us

Located in the heart of the Chinatowns of Brooklyn, Flushing, and Manhattan, MassMutual NYC began as three individual firms, each a community cornerstone in its own right. Now united as one, we draw on the strength of our legacies to form the local powerhouse we are today.

Our impact is made possible through the resources of Charter Oak Financial¹,The strength and stabilityof MassMutual, the deep experience of local leadership, and our advisors’ understanding of the community’s unique needs. Together, these elements create the expertise, scale, and infrastructure needed to deliver an enhanced client experience.


在布碌崙,法拉盛和曼哈頓華埠的中心地帶各設有辦公室,MassMutual 萬通互惠理財-NYC 最初是由三家獨立的公司合併組成的,每家公司都個屬社區中的基石。如今合而為一, 將彼此的實力,傳統與資源結合起來,成就了今日更具規模也更具影響力的企業。

融合了Charter Oak Financial¹的資源,MassMutual的實力,地區領導層的豐富經驗以及我們理財代表對華裔社區需求的深刻理解,我們得以充分體現我們的服務價值。與此同時也將應用我們豐富的知識,設施及規模,為我們的客戶帶來更優越的理財體驗。






¹Charter Oak Financial is a regional firm of MassMutual, and is represented in the local Asian-American market by MassMutual NYC. Charter Oak Financial 是 MassMutual 的地區代理商,而 MassMutual NYC 是其在本地亞裔市場的品牌代表。

Our Mission

To build authentic relationships that redefine possible.

Our Vision

To become the most respected  risk and wealth management firm in the markets we serve through the strength and quality of our advisor network.